Modern, Luxury and Comfort, Germanus Hotels are among the best hotels in touristy cities of Tamil Nadu, Madurai &Kodaikanal in the mid-priced hotel sector. We at Hotel Germanus strive to make sure that the hospitality is five star, unmatched and persistent. Located in the heart of the city, accessibility to Germanus hotels is easy and hassle-free. Hotel Germanus is one of the best economy hotels serving both good quality veg and non veg food, making sure that we give you the best hotel offers and facilities, at the best price.

Hotel Germanus is a modern luxury hotel in Madurai, Tamil Nadu and is located in the heart of the city. This hotel is near to Madurai railway station and the famous Meenakshi Temple.Whether you're traveling for business or for leisure in Madurai, book your stay with one of the most modern and convenient hotels Madurai, Tamil Nadu has to offer

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Hotel Germanus Madurai Hotel Germanus Madurai Hotel Germanus Madurai Hotel Germanus Madurai

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Hotel Germanus has been a home away from home for both the business traveler and the leisurely voyagers. Located at the core of the city, this star hotel has been designed to provide comfort the way one wants it to be. The 85 centrally air-conditioned rooms with Wi-Fi enabled and direct telephone facilities, satellite connections, state of the art wash rooms and a 24 hour service at your door.

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